Wednesday, March 17, 2010

the simple

So I sit here at work...I like to get here early, well I like to get most places early. I'm cutting out these pronunciation game cards for my students and I have decided...
~I like cutting up or out things, I find it therapeutic, something mindless to do as you think. As a teacher I have spent much time cutting out things, especially when I taught in an elementary school. I also like to do crafty things which involves cutting things up or it should and is something I don't really do here often.
~Another therapeutic activity for me I find especially on a beautiful sunshiney day like this, is to drive with the windows down while playing your music very loud. Some singing along might just be involved with this :)

Sidenote: If you have a chance listen to OneRepublic their new album, Waking Up. I am obsessed with it, the music is amazing! Also, you have to listen to it loud and in your car, it really adds to it, or you can just ride with me in my car sometime to have a listen!


  1. i need to do the second activity with you. i'm very excited for this as it is long overdue. ;)