Saturday, February 27, 2010


I love jiaozi(Chinese dumplings)or as people here like to call them potstickers. There is something about that last name that really bothers me. Anyways, last Saturday my family and a friend went to an amazing place in the city.

Before I even tried the food I knew I loved it, the atmosphere(felt like I was in China), the fact that it is a little hole in the wall, the workers there, and even the wait for our table. We tried maybe 5 different kinds, including the specialty of the place, soup dumplings. So good, I can't even describe, it had the usual pork filling with a little pocket of soup that dispenses into your mouth with amazing flavor. I tried to upload another picture of this but it won't let me :(. After eating our fill of dumplings, they come around and give you this sugar coated puff of amazingness. All this to say, you should go there and if you do let me know I will go with you!

small hopes

Tonight I watched Emma, the new BBC version. It was four hours long, that's right! I'm a big Jane Austen fan, have been since first picking up the book Pride and Prejudice in high school. Emma is second to P&J in my favorites of Austen's books. I love the stories, the time period,the characters and aside from that I think Austen has so many timeless themes threaded throughout her stories.
Near the end of the movie tonight as Emma started to have her dreams realized, someone made a comment but her hopes were so small. It was late so I'm pretty sure that's what she said. This was near the end when Emma got to see the ocean for the first time which was one of her biggest dreams, it also helped that the man she loved brought her there :). So, it got me thinking although her hope of seeing the sea seemed easy, to those of us looking from the outside, it was a big hope for her and really important. All of her dreams came true...
Do dreams come true in reality?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Something New

Here goes, I am going to try this and see what happens. I have enjoyed reading my friend's blogs recently and find my self thinking some days, if I were to blog this is what I would say. In light of turning 29 very recently, which was a VERY depressing day for me, I decided to try something new while sharing other new adventures along the way.

First one that I would like to share that happened on Tuesday. I set out early in the morning having the whole day free for some major reading and went to study at a coffee shop. Cibo in Sausalito was my first destination. Referred to by a friend I was excited about the great coffee they have there. It was a cute place, perfect for a little coffee date with someone but quickly discovered not a place to study. It was just a little too loud, the seating wasn't great and expensive meter parking. After staying for a bit, I went on to La Coppa in downtown Mill Valley, another place I had been wanting to try. Also cute but with very limited to no seating inside. I had my eye on a little corner seat outside however but after waiting on my cappuccino for 20 minutes I lost it to another customer. I sat at another table outside, not comfortable and the coffee less than outstanding. A lady did stop to discuss my computer with me for a while, so that was fun. I decided to move on, this time to the Mill Valley Library, free, quite, and beautiful! I will continue my search for the perfect coffee shop study spot another day.