Friday, February 19, 2010

Something New

Here goes, I am going to try this and see what happens. I have enjoyed reading my friend's blogs recently and find my self thinking some days, if I were to blog this is what I would say. In light of turning 29 very recently, which was a VERY depressing day for me, I decided to try something new while sharing other new adventures along the way.

First one that I would like to share that happened on Tuesday. I set out early in the morning having the whole day free for some major reading and went to study at a coffee shop. Cibo in Sausalito was my first destination. Referred to by a friend I was excited about the great coffee they have there. It was a cute place, perfect for a little coffee date with someone but quickly discovered not a place to study. It was just a little too loud, the seating wasn't great and expensive meter parking. After staying for a bit, I went on to La Coppa in downtown Mill Valley, another place I had been wanting to try. Also cute but with very limited to no seating inside. I had my eye on a little corner seat outside however but after waiting on my cappuccino for 20 minutes I lost it to another customer. I sat at another table outside, not comfortable and the coffee less than outstanding. A lady did stop to discuss my computer with me for a while, so that was fun. I decided to move on, this time to the Mill Valley Library, free, quite, and beautiful! I will continue my search for the perfect coffee shop study spot another day.

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  1. love this, looking forward to seeing where the adventure takes you. :)