Saturday, February 27, 2010


I love jiaozi(Chinese dumplings)or as people here like to call them potstickers. There is something about that last name that really bothers me. Anyways, last Saturday my family and a friend went to an amazing place in the city.

Before I even tried the food I knew I loved it, the atmosphere(felt like I was in China), the fact that it is a little hole in the wall, the workers there, and even the wait for our table. We tried maybe 5 different kinds, including the specialty of the place, soup dumplings. So good, I can't even describe, it had the usual pork filling with a little pocket of soup that dispenses into your mouth with amazing flavor. I tried to upload another picture of this but it won't let me :(. After eating our fill of dumplings, they come around and give you this sugar coated puff of amazingness. All this to say, you should go there and if you do let me know I will go with you!


  1. delish, what a fun time!

    i think you should include a pronunciation chart on here. jiaozi...what the heck? hehe.

    i'm so glad we got to hang out, and i can't wait to go back!!

  2. You blog! Is that our whole cohort now? Look at us being all reflective and writer-ish. Good to see you. : )

  3. thanks for commenting on my blog, friend! i loved seeing your cute little picture there! and i believe this is my first time to comment on yours!! :) glad you had such a good experience with the jiaozi! :)