Monday, November 15, 2010

Madama Butterfly

Last thursday I went to an opera--Madama Butterfly.

This was a first for me, and I loved it! I love cultural experiences of all kinds. I have this whole list of cultural experiences that I wouuld like to do, and this was one of them. It was in San Francisco in their opera house, which I am told is one of the biggest in the nation. It was beautiful, I just love the whole atmosphere, the lights, architecture, the people of all variety...We sat in the far back but not a bad spot could still see everything. The story was beautiful, about a Japanese woman who marries an American. I do want to put out a warning, it was sad, was not expecting that. I just happened to have a very bad day proceeding this. It is a different concept than a musical in the sense that you are reading the words as you are listening and watching so it is a lot to take in but beautiful. I really enjoyed the orchestra. My next goal, is to go to the symphony!

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